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I started my journey in interior design in 2011 when I enrolled in the School of Applied Arts and Design in Osijek. In 2015, I graduated with excellent overall performance and obtained a vocational qualification as an interior designer. My graduation project, "Weekend House," won first place at the IDIVA exhibition in 2015 based on the opinion of the expert jury.

I continued my education in 2015 at the Faculty of Philosophy in Osijek, where I pursued a degree in pedagogy and history. I completed my master's thesis titled "Hidden Curriculum - The Impact of School Interior on Students' and Teachers' School Experience" in the academic year 2020/2021, earning the titles of Master of Pedagogy and Master of Education in History.

Furthermore, I would like to highlight my participation in the 81st International Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia in 2023 with a paper titled "Perception of the School Interior from the Students' and Teachers' Perspective."

In my future work, alongside designing family homes and commercial spaces, I aim to focus on educational institutions with the goal of creating more stimulating and pleasant school environments.