The apartment with an area of 67 square meters has received a new look thanks to a new conceptual solution. The entrance to the apartment consists of a hallway surrounded by the living room and the bedroom. For this reason, there is no corresponding window to let in natural light. In order to avoid a closed-off space when designing the concept, we opted for lighter tones of yellow, white wood decor, and a mirror placed on the wardrobe for visual expansion. The main part of the living room is the seating area. A beautiful L-shaped sofa in green will certainly not go unnoticed. Next to it is a comfortable armchair inviting you to read or relax. To maintain the concept of an open space, a smaller round table is placed. Like the rest of the apartment, the living room is filled with custom-made cabinets to maintain openness and cleanliness of the space. Next to the living room is the kitchen in a soft green color. This room exudes warmth and comfort. The bathroom is fully equipped with cabinets and shelves for storage. The dominant colors of the bathroom are white and lighter wood decor. Copper-colored objects add detail to the bathroom. The closet doors are sliding to minimize space congestion. The bedroom offers a departure from the color palette of the rest of the apartment. The room is a combination of two colors (blue and purple) and one achromatic color (black). Visual depth is achieved by placing a mirror on the wardrobe that runs along the entire wall. Additionally, the room includes a bed and a work desk that serves as an extension of a smaller closet. Interesting lighting fixtures add a touch of intrigue. You can access a small balcony from the bedroom, which is designed in simple colors with sculptural furniture.

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