The conceptual design was made for the needs of a small apartment of 65 m2. The apartment consists of an entrance hall, bathroom, kitchen, living room with balcony and bedroom.

The entrance space of the apartment exudes lighter colors, since there is no influx of natural light, and the warmth of the space was achieved by wood paneling located on the closet door. The depth of the space was obtained by placing mirrors on the opposite wall of the closet. The wallpaper in the room complemented the look of the room with its lighter tones.

The bathroom is made in a combination of gray and darker wood. The shower cubicle is visually separated from the rest of the bathroom by darker tiles, the details of which are outlined in black.

Since there is an influx of natural light in the kitchen, it is possible to play with darker colors. The look of the kitchen is enriched with dark green on the lower elements and darker wood on the upper kitchen elements. The white granite countertop visually separated the upper and lower elements of the kitchen countertops. Additional aesthetics of the space are raised by wall and floor tiles that make a kind of continuation of the kitchen. The dining room is located in the kitchen area, and due to the functional use of the space, a table of round dimensions was used, which corresponds to the decors of the kitchen elements.

The living room follows the style of the kitchen. Dark green and darker wood colors were used. The seating area is enriched with leather material, and in contrast, efforts were made to make the most of the space with cabinets and shelves. The shelves are enriched with decorations that will complete the look of the room.

The bedroom, unlike the rest of the apartment, exudes more discreet, calmer tones. The center of the room is a bed of standard dimensions, to the left of which is a nightstand that makes a continuation of the bed. The bed is enriched with a wooden headboard. Inside the room there is a closet for storing clothes and necessary items. The wardrobe is made in the decor of darker and lighter wood, which together with the carpet and curtains, an interesting pattern, raised the dynamics of the space.

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