The 112 m2 country house project brought a handful of challenges. The main goal of the project was to create a conceptual solution that will meet family and business requirements.

In the business part of the house it was necessary to create a place to work that will breathe in the spirit of nature. According to the given wishes, the workroom is dominated by forest-looking wallpaper, which is harmoniously connected with the green color of the chairs and the wood material. The room has a large work desk behind which is a closet reserved for storage. The study has a large window that separates the hallway from the study. For this reason, the idea of ​​creating a green oasis / botanical garden was imposed, which fit perfectly into the theme of nature. All together it is rounded off with green paint on the walls and white ceramic tiles interspersed with gray details that fit perfectly as an imitation of pebbles.

The botanical garden continues to the living room and kitchen which are interconnected. The living room exudes a lot of natural light, which is why the palette of colors used was imposed. The room has a large L-shaped sofa in gray that looks timeless in the interiors. The yellow stool is successfully connected to the rest of the room. The TV unit is mounted on a wall under which there is a wall cabinet of smaller dimensions. The complete impression of the room is complemented by interesting lighting fixtures. In this way, an elegant place for socializing was created.

The kitchen and dining area are connected by colors with the living room. Yellow chairs combined with a white table of granite material brought a dose of elegance to the space. The openness and airiness of the kitchen is achieved by white kitchen elements with a light wood decor. The kitchen is also enriched with a cupboard for additional storage of kitchen utensils and dishes.

The input unit makes a kind of shift in design. A combination of darker wood and green was used. The wallpaper on the wall further complemented the impression of this interesting room.

The bathroom unit was made in the style of "night sky", and in order not to close the room too much with blue, white floor tiles and white wood decor were installed.

One of the most interesting rooms was the children's room. It uses discreet, calm tones that have a positive effect on children's emotions. The focus of the room is an interestingly shaped table that serves for play, the acquisition of various knowledge, but also for the development of various skills. The room is filled with numerous corners / units that will help the child learn and develop.

The bedroom is enriched with shades of pink, and wallpaper with similar shades is set as an effective detail. In addition to the bed, there is a wardrobe and a make-up table in the room, and a sitting armchair by the window is reserved as a corner for relaxing or reading.

The house also has a terrace which is designed as a place for pleasant family and friendly gatherings.

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